Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find and join active projects?

You can view all active projects on GroupEstate here

If a project is public, you can view more information and contact the initiator. If you are accepted into the project, you will be given access to the project dashboard, see the financial dashboard, review the group legal agreement, and communicate with other team members.

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What is a shared property project?

A shared property project is a project between several individuals who wish to collectively buy or build real estate.

A project is started by an initiator, who explains their idea and invites others to join. Members of a project can use GroupEstate to communicate and organize to achieve their goal of buying or building a property together.

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Who can buy shared property?

Any type of property can be jointly bought or built by a group. Property types include a single apartment, a whole building with multiple apartments, a holiday house, a commercial property, or vacant land.

Each group can decide what kind of property to buy, and how to use it. For example, a group may purchase a single apartment and rent it to one or more members of the group. Or, a group may build an apartment building, with separate living units for each member.

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How can we build a property together?

A building group is a project between several individuals to jointly build an property with separate living units. In Germany, this is called a baugemeinschaft or a baugruppe. In other countries, it is sometimes called co-housing.

A building group is usually started and managed by an architect. Members of the group meet and communicate regularly to create a community. They can decide on key features of their building, such as shared common areas. Each member of the group purchases and lives in their own individual apartment.

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How can we buy a property together?

A buying group is a project between several individuals to jointly purchase a property. Any kind of property can be collectively purchased, and used for any purpose agreed upon by the group. All costs are divided between members of a buying group according to their ownership shares.

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Do we have to live together?

Not necessarily. A shared property is jointly owned by all members of a group, but not all members of a group have to live in or use the property. It is up to each group to decide how to use their property.

For example, a shared property may be rented to one or members of the group. Or it may be rented to another party. In the case of a holiday house, it may be used by all group members at different times.

You can also build or buy a property with shared common areas and separate living units, which are individually owned by each member. This is sometimes known as a baugemeinschaft, baugruppe or co-housing project.

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What if I want to leave a group?

Each shared property project has its own rules. Make sure you read and understand the rules before joining. In most cases, a departing member can sell their share of the property to the remaining group members, or to a new member.

GroupEstate provides a free example contract which can be used to agree on the rules and responsibilities of participation.

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How does GroupEstate work?

GroupEstate is a portal for shared property projects. You can find and join projects to jointly buy or build real estate together with others.

GroupEstate provides helpful tools for shared property groups, such as example contracts, communication and decision-making tools, a financial dashboard, and access to experts.

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How much does GroupEstate cost?

It is free to register as a GroupEstate member. You can start or join a private shared property project, and use all GroupEstate's online tools to communicate and organize within your group. It is also free to use GroupEstate's template legal contracts.

Additionally, GroupEstate can actively support your project to help find new members. Contact us to learn more about our professional services to promote your project to a wider audience.

It is free to use GroupEstate to contact an expert, make a request for legal advice, or request information about a home loan. You will only be charged by external service providers if you have accepted an offer and made an agreement for services.

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What is GroupEstate's vision?

GroupEstate aims to make home ownership more accessible and affordable by enabling groups to buy and build property together. We are creating a community of shared property owners, and supporting them with tools and information to achieve their goals.