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Group Organizer

Use GroupEstate to start and manage a group of joint property owners.

You can start a project, describe your goals, and decide which type of partners you wish to include in your group. This may include friends, family, your life partner, external investors, or any combination of the four.

Select between a public project, which all GroupEstate users can request to join, or a private project, which is open to only those you invite. Invite new partners via e-mail, or directly add people - such as close family members - to your group.

GroupEstate's messaging tool allows you to easily communicate with the members of your group to make important decisions.

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Financial Dashboard

Divide the cost of buying a property between participating members of your group. GroupEstate helps you calculcate the full cost of purchasing a property, including extra costs such as taxes and notary fees, and shows the downpayment required to purchase a property at your target price.

Using GroupEstate’s Financial Dashboard, each member of the group may enter two numbers - their initial investment, and monthly payment. These numbers are used to calculate the total potential group investment, and each member’s shareholding.

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Property Wishlist

Search for your ideal property together as a group.

GroupEstate’s Property Wishlist function allows you to import examples from ImmobilienScout24. Each team member can vote on the suitability of the property.

GroupEstate also displays recommended properties from ImmobilienScout24, which you can import into your wishlist

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Example Group Contract

Buying a property as a group is a complex process, and raises many questions about the legal rights and responsibilities of each group member.

Many potential problems can be avoided by having a clear legal agreement about the structure of the group, with rules about how it should operate.

GroupEstate provides a free example group contract you can use to secure your legal situation. It explains what should happen at each stage of the group buying process, including:

  • Creating a general company under German civil law (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts, or GbR)

  • Setting ownership shares

  • Decision making processes

  • Renovation and repairs cost-sharing

  • Group member departure and replacement procedures

The example contract is intended only as a helpful guide. You should talk to a professional lawyer to ensure you understand the contract before using it.

It is not required to use the example contract in order to use GroupEstate. You may also upload your own preferred group contract.

To view and use the example contract, you must register and start a project, then click on the "Legal" tab.

Register and view the GroupEstate example contract

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Kostenloser GbR Mustervertrag

Hypotheken für Gruppen

Group Home Loan

Your group may require a loan to cover the difference between your group savings and the property purchase price. In this event, you can use GroupEstate to request a group home loan.

GroupEstate has partnered with several financial institutions to provide specialized home loans to groups, including Commerzbank, PlanetHome and Dr. Klein.

On GroupEstate's Find A Home Loan page, you can send a simple request for a home loan offer. Our banking partners will contact you with an offer that matches your property and group financial situation.

Sending a request via GroupEstate is free and without obligation. You will receive the same or better interest rates and conditions as through other mortgage brokers. And as our financial partners reward us for connecting new customers, you will be helping to GroupEstate grow and improve.

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