About GroupEstate

We make shared property possible

GroupEstate makes it possible to buy or build a property together with a group of likeminded people. We aim to make shared property simple and accessible for everyone. GroupEstate was founded in Berlin in July 2014.

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Our Philosophy

We believe a change in the values of our society is necessary to cope with the challenges of the real estate market. Only together can we make housing affordable and accessible.

Through GroupEstate we want to give anyone the opportunity to own at least part of their own home by joining a group of buyers. GroupEstate will change the way individuals access real estate by creating a community of shared property owners, and giving them the tools to realize their ideas together. By opening access to property ownership, we aim to counteract price increases and provide a way out of the rental price spiral.

In 2014 the founding team - Joel Dullroy, journalist, Christoph Lippert, banker, Ibrahim Sawaneh, auditor, and Dominik Keller, software engineer - met in Berlin to workshop ideas for a scalable solution for affordable access to property. GroupEstate is the result of this collaboration.

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We are here to help you every step of the way along your shared property project. Contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Telephone: +49 30 208 482 78
E-Mail: team@groupestate.com

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Joel Dullroy

Joel Dullroy

Managing Director, Communication & Organization

Joel is responsible for general company management, English-language communication, and daily product management. He began his career as a journalist in Australia, and later launched businesses and social campaigns in Europe. He is passionate about helping communities create their own solutions.

Christoph Lippert

Christoph Lippert

Managing Director, Business & Investor Relations

Christoph builds partnerships with GroupEstate's customers, business partners and investors. Christoph spent his career in the banking industry, and is applying this knowledge for GroupEstate to create together with his co-founders and colleagues a socially beneficial and sustainable company.

Dominik Keller

Dominik Keller

CTO, Technical Director

Dominik is in charge of GroupEstate's technical development. He is well experienced in designing and building electronic banking and fintech platforms in Germany and Switzerland. He applies this knowledge to create a secure and scalable platform for GroupEstate users to realize their shared property projects.

Ibrahim Sawaneh

Ibrahim Sawaneh

CFO, Finance & Controlling

Ibrahim is GroupEstate's finance and administration manager. He has worked as an auditor and controller for a major international auditing company. He is passionate about building projects that open up new opportunities in underdeveloped areas.

Awards, Funding & Support

Flag of the European Union

European Union Horizon 2020

GroupEstate has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 663507. The SME Instrument Phase 1 programme supports innovative ICT companies with high growth potential.

Logo Innovator Award

European Innovator of the Year 2014 finalist

GroupEstate was named a finalist in the 2014 European Innovator of the Year awards, part of the European Young Innovators Forum Unconvention in Brussels. The company was one of six startups recognized for their innovative business ideas that also solve critical societal challenges.

Logo YouisNow

ImmobilienScout24 YOU IS NOW graduate

GroupEstate is a graduate of the YOU IS NOW accelerator programme of ImmobilienScout24, Germany's biggest real estate portal. You IS Now provides mentorship, workspace and financial support for disruptive companies in the real estate market.

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