How GroupEstate works

Buy or build property together as a group.

GroupEstate is the portal for buying and building property together with others. Use GroupEstate to connect with other people interested in joining a project to collectively purchase any kind of real estate.

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Build together

Building a property together with other families is becoming a common way to create affordable community-friendly homes. Such projects are often called baugruppe or baugemeinschaften in Germany, or cohousing in other countries.

Use GroupEstate to join a collective building project. Search for active projects in your preferred area, and use the filters to narrow your search. Contact the project organizer to become a potential member. If accepted, you can communicate with other members, learn more about the project, and decide to become a committed member.

You may also start your own project and attract interested members. Create your own project page by selecting your preferences, writing descriptions and adding pictures. GroupEstate makes the process of organizing a shared property project easy.

Buy together

As well as building together, you can also use GroupEstate to buy an existing property as a group. You can purchase any type of property - single apartment, whole building, holiday home or commercial space.

Start a project by creating a profile and entering details about the kind of property you want to buy. Use GroupEstate to invite friends, family and colleagues to view your project online. You may request for your project to become publicly visible, which allows other GroupEstate users to contact you. Use GroupEstate to communicate with members and progress your joint buying project.

If you are invited to join a group by a friend or family member, you may view the project information online, and request to become an interested member. This allows you to communicate with other members, learn more about the project and decide to become a committed member.

Support for shared property groups

GroupEstate offers helpful tools and information for shared property groups.

Use our free example group contract to create a legal entity and agree on the rules of participation. Use our financial dashboard to calculate costs and split contributions between members. Search for a legal, financial or real estate expert to provide advice about your joint property purchase.

Buying or building a property together usually requires a combination of savings and a home loan. GroupEstate provides a connection to mortgage lenders who understand group buyers. Use our Financial pages request an obligation-free offer from one of our partner banks.

More about Tools

Contact an expert

GroupEstate helps you connect with experts who can assist you as you buy or build a property together. Our experts are independent, professional and experienced on topics of group property.

You can contact a lawyer for advice on group contracts or property purchasing. Find a notary to sign contracts and finalize a purchase. Find an architect to help coordinate a joint building project.

You may use GroupEstate to request an obligation-free offer from one of our experts. You will not be charged anything to connect with an expert.